Get Wild!

Wild Child Extracts was founded with the intent of helping people who have “incurable” diseases and difficulty affording nutraceutical therapies, many of which are not covered by health insurance. Evidence supports the superior benefit of whole plant extracts, but in most cases they are not patentable, and therefore largely underutilized and understudied by the pharmaceutical companies most poised to develop them. To help with finance, Wild Child Extracts is adopting the One for One business model started by Blake Mycoskie, a for-profit business that gives one product to a person in need for every value added product that’s purchased.

Wild Child Extracts makes products that can be trusted.  They are crafted with care and mindfulness. Greater health for all of us is the point and purpose of this company. It’s about lifestyle choices; for some it’s about leaving behind harmful habits and having access to the plants that can balance the body’s physiology and tip the scales in their favor when they are fighting “terminal” diseases. For others, it’s about countering their crazy and wild ways, about quieting an overactive mind, or helping them recuperate from their last outdoor adventure.

Legally, we can’t make any claims as to the benefits of our products; we will let you do that for us, so please, leave us a review or testimony so others may be served by your experience.  And if serving others really interests you, please donate to the cause, or purchase our value added products.  Thank you!

–Eric J. Best (Owner)