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CBD vs Cancer – CBD Down-Regulates ID1 Gene Expression


For those not familiar, ID1 is a gene associated with aggressive tumor growth and angiogenesis (growth of blood vessels) in many cancers. Regulation of the gene is a target of pharmaceutical companies trying to control cancer’s tumor growth and metastatic behavior. Recent evidence shows that a compound already exists to do just that and it isn’t toxic like many chemotherapies. Here are a few articles that help you understand that using CBD should be taken seriously by people looking for a non-toxic way to live with their cancer.

‘In humans, the Id-1 gene is found only in metastatic cancer cells, said Desprez, a staff scientist at the institute. Before birth, they are present and involved in the development of human embryos, but after birth, they go silent — and should stay that way, he said. But in metastatic cancer “when [the genes] wake up, they are very bad,” he said. “They push the cells to behave like embryonic cells and grow. They go crazy, they proliferate, they migrate.” Desprez said, “We need to be able to turn them off.”‘

“…CBD represents the first nontoxic exogenous agent that can significantly decrease Id-1 expression in metastatic breast cancer cells leading to the down-regulation of tumor aggressiveness.”

“…we then show that treatment with CBD significantly reduces primary tumor mass as well as the size and number of lung metastatic foci in two models of metastasis.”

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