At its heart, Wild Child Extracts is about helping people. Though we make products that focus on being completely clean and natural for the purpose of their health benefits, it is not enough. It means nothing if it doesn’t get to the people who need it or if the intended mission flounders by lack of support. I have had to learn this the hard way…

It is not in my nature to ask for help. I have always been lucky enough to be able-bodied with marketable skills and so I’m used to earning my way through the work that I do. Not everyone has that privilege. I have been reminded of that severely over the last few months as my desire to keep Wild Child Extracts moving forward has been at odds with my wallet. As our products continue to make their way into the world, that will change. First time customers becomes repeat business.

In the meantime, we need support. We need more lab and manufacturing equipment; the more efficient we are, the more we have to give. We need to afford the time to establish charitable networks. We need to afford programs that help educate people about “Full Spectrum” vs. “Isolate” and battle the hundred year old societal bias against Cannabis. We also need to help store owners understand the difference between the legal products that are available and the ones out of compliance with FDA regulations before a governmental backlash shuts the whole system down. We need to support law enforcement and prevention that keeps our kids smart about cannabis and understanding how THC can block their ability to learn. And we need to continue teaching people how cannabis helps cancer patients in a significant and non-toxic way because a lot of people are suffering needlessly.

Too ambitious? I don’t think so.


Allows you to make a donation up to $2000.00.  Above that, please call us!



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