Full Spectrum Whole Plant Hemp Extract – 50ml Tincture, 8 mg CBD/ml


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This 50ml tincture is carefully extracted from the hemp plant for a full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. The oil is diluted in 45% alcohol (90 proof) and we use a marked dropper to make variable dosing simple.  If you have studied CBD at all, you may know that the effective level of CBD is different for everyone. This is a gentle tincture that may help you dial in what is best for you.

This CBD hemp tincture contains the MAXIMUM allowed LEGAL level of THC: 0.29%. This mixture is for those who are aware of the positive synergistic relationship between these two compounds in the body and want to reap the benefit. This is a FEDERALLY LEGAL over-the-counter option for those–18 and over–who don’t possess a medical marijuana card and are looking for a mostly CBD experience. This is also a good option for those who don’t need a high dose, don’t wish to spend excessive amounts of money at a dispensary, and want a safe option that may aid in mitigating their symptoms without interfering with their daily lives the way high doses of THC can.

The advantages of tinctures:

  • variable dosing
  • taken sublingually the extract will reach your bloodstream faster than capsules or edibles
  • tinctures generally have a longer shelf-life
  • tinctures taste better than oils
  • economical
  • close to the initial effects of smoking, but better for you and easier to control with longer lasting effects

The disadvantages of tinctures:

  • tinctures can be rough sometimes, whereas capsules are tasteless
  • shake, shake, shake before use! cannabis oil can fall out of solution, especially when cold.


1.00ml=8mg CBD
0.75ml=6mg CBD
0.50ml=4mg CBD
0.25ml=2mg CBD
2.00ml=16mg CBD
3.00ml=24mg CBD
50ml=400mg CBD

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